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Chartered Certified Accountants

Bookkeeping services 


We offer complete business solutions

Hampshire Accountants was founded and driven by passion to help small to medium-sized businesses stabilise and grow with our expertise. Adopting a flexible approach and way of thinking enables us to find solutions to your business needs. We care about your business and we find solutions to grow your business as we implement new systems and processes that will add value to your business structure.

Our aim is to provide professional bookkeeping and accounting services for small to medium-sized businesses so the business owners can focus on growing their business. Our suite of accounting and bookkeeping services are relevant to many different clients, whether they are small to medium businesses, or not-for-profit organisations.

We help you to ensure that your decision making is based on accurate financial information that will help your business moving forward ahead of competitions and be successful. We devote our time to providing bookkeeping services and accounting services in a timely, accurate manner, showing respect and awareness of the confidentiality and individual needs of our clients.

We offer complete business solutions. You are expected to maintain appropriate accounting records for the company. Whilst there is no set requirement as to how you maintain the records, HMRC requests that the records are adequate for the size and complexity of the business.

As a minimum, you ought to maintain:

•    Copies of sales invoices sent to your customers
•    Purchase invoices for any supplier costs you incur
•    Expenses claim forms for items reclaimed from the business by any directors or employees
•    Petty cash expense receipts
•    Bank account statements for the company account
•    Statements for any company credit cards
•    Copies of any loan / finance / hire purchase / credit accounts the company has with any third parties

You are required to retain the records for a period of six years. Hampshire Accountants can help your business to keep adequate records.

Bookkeeping services
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